Nuova Orleans! Un Tour Del Quartiere Francese In Italiano!

A Private Small Group Tour By Advance Appointment: While New Orleans’ past has been vastly enriched by our Spanish heritage, Spanish and Portuguese language guides are rare, few and far between. Our Spanish and Portuguese language tours are arranged in advance, based on guide availability. Please email us at with your travel plans.

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of the French Quarter (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455 

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  Treme (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455

1 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  St. Louis Cemetery #3 (1-4 Guests) $175, (5-8 Guests) $275, (9-12 Guests) $375


The majority of Italian immigrants to New Orleans were from Sicily and started arriving in large numbers on lemon boats in the 1880s. They arrived to an established community of Italians dating back to the early French colonial period. The Italian Henri de Tonti explored Louisiana prior to New Orleans’ founding as part of LaSalle’s French expedition later becoming a leader in the colony during its earliest days.

Local Italian surnames like Liuzza, Brocato, Cannizzaro, Monteleone, and Cusimano are part of the city’s cultural landscape, as are Central Grocery’s Muffuletta sandwich and St. Joseph’s Alters. Perhaps the country’s largest Italian population by 1850, New Orleans is home today to the highest per capita of Sicilian-Americans in the nation.

Nuova Orleans! Explore New Orleans' culturally rich Italian heritage. Take a walk with The Savvy Native. A private small group tour by appointment.
Little Italy (French Market, New Orleans)


Take a walk with us down lower Decatur Street, the “main street” of what was once known as Little Italy and once home to landmark Sicilian owned businesses and restaurants, catering to neighborhood people as well as to French Market vendors and shoppers. Though the Sicilians are gone, that sense of place survives to this day.


We will visit the French Market, once the focal point of Sicilian New Orleans, the premiere landmark in our Sicilian/Italian narrative. You will see St. Louis Cathedral and St. Mary’s Italian Church, the geographical and once religious center of the Italian and Sicilian community.

You will hear the stories of influential Italians in New Orleans, such as the Vaccaro brothers of Standard Fruit, the Uddo family of Progresso Foods and the Cusimano family who built the largest macaroni factory in America. We will introduce you to Mother Francesca Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants, the Black Hand Mafia, Creole red gravy, the foundation of Creole Italian foods, and retell the account of the largest lynching in U.S. history.

Nuova Orleans! Explore New Orleans' culturally rich Italian heritage. Take a walk with The Savvy Native. A private small group tour by appointment.
St. Marys Italian Church

Exploring Historical New Orleans’ Neighborhoods is the best way to understand and experience the city’s unique history and culturally rich heritage. A walk down the streets of New Orleans earliest neighborhoods with their distinct and amazing architecture, historical landmarks, colorful characters and fascinating stories offer you a glimpse into what makes New Orleans Unlike Any Other City.

Little Palermo, once the lower French Quarter, figures prominently in the ethnic geography and culture of New Orleans, a city that proudly celebrates it’s Italian heritage.

We will meet you in front of The Presbytere, 751 Chartres Street, located in Jackson Square next to The St. Louis Cathedral (on the downriver side), for a 2 hour Italian language walking tour of the French Quarter.

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