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I was looking for a Spanish tour because I was taking my parents to New Orleans and they only speak Spanish . Our tour guide Graziella was absolutely marvelous, such an awesome experience walking the French quarter as she went over the history . We learned so much, we highly recommend this tour if you are looking for history and cool fun facts about the city.

A Private Small Group Tour By Advance Appointment: While New Orleans’ past has been vastly enriched by our Spanish heritage, Spanish language guides are rare, few and far between. Our Spanish language tours are arranged in advance, based on guide availability. Please email us at with your travel plans.

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of the French Quarter (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455 

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  Treme (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  the Garden District (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455

1.5 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  St. Louis Cemetery #3 (1-4 Guests) $175, (5-8 Guests) $275, (9-12 Guests) $375

Nueva Orleans

New Orleans was an administrative district of the Viceroyalty of New Spain from 1763 to 1801. Spain governed the colony of Louisiana for nearly four decades, returning it to France for a few months before being transferred to the United States in 1803.  Spain managed to accomplish what their French predecessors had never done – make Louisiana a relatively stable and growing possession.  New Orleanians lived comfortably and prosperously under Spanish governance.

Nuevo Orleans! A French Quarter Tour In Spanish!
The Illustrious Cabildo or Casa Capitular.


Although New Orleans’ founders were French, the architecture of the French Quarter is pretty much Spanish. Several fires destroyed the original French architecture during Spain’s 40-year rule.  Much of the structures that stand now were influenced by Spanish styles and techniques attributable to the rebuilding effort.  Along with the Cabildo, the Presbytere has the distinction of being the finest example of Spanish Colonial Architecture in the country.

New Orleans Hispanic culture is obvious as you stroll through the streets of the French Quarter and other parts of the city. Our Hispanic roots are intertwined into the city’s history. The “imprint of Spain” on the city’s historic character is impossible to miss.

You will see cannons, horse carriages, hanging plants, courtyards, fountains, covered sidewalks, tropical facades, arched passageways, street musicians and artists, outdoor cafes and beautiful iron balconies.  You’re going to feel like you’re back home!

La Ñapa

Relive the Great Fire of 1788, that left the old French city in ashes, while standing in front of Don Joseph Vincent Nunez’ home, the Colony’s Royal Treasurer, from where the fire started and spread.  Take a walk with us through Jackson Square, once known as the Plaza de Armas, where in 1769 the dramatic scene of the transfer of power from France to Spain took place when Captain-General Alejandro O’Reilly arrived with 2 dozen ships and 2,600 Spanish soldiers to firmly establish Spanish rule.

Walk the alley along side the Cathedral, where Friar Antonio de Sedella, a beloved Spanish Capuchin, is believed to walk as a ghost in the early mornings.  Hear the stories of Don Andres Almonester, Spanish Philanthropist and Royal Notary of Louisiana, who rebuilt the Illustrious Cabildo (Casa Capitular) the Presbytere (Casa Curial) and the Cathedral at his own expense, after the Great Fires.  And you can always expect “something extra”….  That’s Nueva Orleans with The Savvy Native!

We will meet you in front of The Presbytere, 751 Chartres Street, located in Jackson Square next to The St. Louis Cathedral (on the downriver side), for a 2 hour Spanish or Portuguese language walking tour of the French Quarter, known for being the most architecturally Hispanic neighborhood in the country.

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