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“Where Y’at” The Big Easy That’s Where


Let’s start out with why you want to choose The Savvy Native as your New Orleans Tour Guide.  Here are 6, well I guess if you count our credentials we have 7, very good reasons:

Our walking tours are historically accurate, entertaining and memorable; our guides receive continuous and on-going training, attending historical lectures and seminars throughout the year.

You have a broad choice of New Orleans tours and time slots that work with your schedule; we start and end on-time.

Our group sizes are limited, resulting in a better guide to participant ratio and leading to an excellent knowledge sharing and entertainment experience.

We operate under a “NO TIP” solicitation policy; gratuities are welcome only when we have met and exceeded all your expectations.  Thank You . . .

What we do is not our job, it is our passion.

We are volunteer tour guides for the Friends Of The Cabildo & The Louisiana State Museum. We are members of the Tour Guide Association of Greater New Orleans, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau & Save Our Cemeteries. We are registered tour operators for St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Okay you got all that?  Here comes the hard part, we’re going to help you find your bearings once you get to town and help you sound more like a local . . .

Follow Me Please

big easy tours
Isle of Orleans “Dats Where”


We are on on what has been referred to on maps and in treaties as the “Isle of Orleans”.

If you take a look at the photo I think you will quickly realize that we’re surrounded by water; for the most part that would be the Mississippi River, Lake Ponchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico.

You don’t come or go from New Orleans without crossing a bridge, taking a plane or traveling by boat.

There are very few straight lines in a city surrounded by so much water.  That’s why we give directions in relation to bodies of water and neighborhoods.

Lake Bound, River Bound, Up-River (Uptown), Down River (Downtown), Back of Town, Mid City, Lake Front, The Quarter, Riverside of the street, Lakeside of the street.

While you’re in-town someone may ask you “Where Y’at”.  More often than not, you’re being asked how you feel, what’s your state of mind, and has absolutely nothing to do with your comings and goings.

We do use North and South to describe which side of the lake we’re on, North Shore or South Shore.

We have an East Bank and a West Bank of the river but knowing that isn’t going to be of much help to you because in New Orleans the sun rises over the West Bank.  OK – It’s now up to you, let’s get started and choose a tour . . .

Always look both ways when crossing the streets and pay particular attention to where you step,  our city is subsiding and our streets and sidewalks are very uneven.  #watchyourstepnola

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