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“This tour of the garden district was very informative and interesrting. My husband and I both went and loved it. We had an amazing time… Our tour guide was awesome. I definitely recommend this is a do not miss kind of tour!”



The Garden District survives as a showcase of magnificent houses and gardens. Hear the stories of the cotton brokers and commission merchants who made their home in the Garden District.


The Garden District became a fashionable enclave of New Orleans’ most successful American citizens. Moving “Uptown” to the prestigious Garden District was considered the culmination of one’s achievements.

LAFAYETTE CEMETERY #1 Please Note:  The City of New Orleans has closed the Cemetery for repairs. While the Cemetery is closed The Savvy Native has expanded its Garden District Tour to include historical sites not normally included in our 2 hour tour.

“Once again, citizens heard the dreaded call of “bring out your dead” given by cart drivers relieving residents of rotting corpses and hauling them to mass graves here and around the city.”

Our Garden District Tour includes time spent in Lafayette Cemetery. Originally part of the Livaudais Plantation, Lafayette Cemetery has been used for burials since at least 1824. Lafayette Cemetery #1 is the first and oldest municipal cemetery in New Orleans.

garden district walking tours
Lafayette Cemetery


Exploring Historical New Orleans’ Neighborhoods is the best way to understand and experience the city’s unique history and culturally rich heritage. A walk down the streets of New Orleans earliest neighborhoods with their distinct and amazing architecture, historical landmarks, colorful characters and fascinating stories offer you a glimpse into what makes New Orleans Unlike Any Other City.


garden district walking tours
New Orleans & Company, 2020 St. Charles Ave. @ St. Andrew Street Streetcar Stop. This is where we start our Garden District Walking Tours.

You will receive a detailed confirmation including date, time, tour and map showing New Orleans & Company, 2020 St. Charles Avenue, the starting point for your tour unless otherwise noted | Thank You!

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Joan Chatelain

Once upon a time in New Orleans, a child was born in the old Hotel Dieu hospital on Tulane Avenue. That was me – and the start of my love affair with my city on this beautiful, mighty river.

We lived in an apartment above my Sicilian immigrant paternal grandparents’ neighborhood bar and deli. And I had a blast! My twin brother and I were in and out of that bar, getting candy bars, pickles, potato chips, etc., etc. anytime we wanted. Grandpa never said “no!” A kid’s dream!

This was the 1950s and the krewes of Carrollton and MidCity paraded one block away down Canal Street (way before they moved Uptown). On Mardi Gras, we would go six blocks downtown to my Cajun maternal grandmother’s apartment on Basin Street in the Iberville projects. There we’d spend the day going to the parades on Canal, until we trudged home after the last parade of the day (Comus).

Our apartment had a large second story porch overlooking Galvez Street, where I remember watching the jazz funeral processions pass by. I’d watch them heading to the cemetery and listen to their slow dirges. And a little later, I’d go back out on that porch when I’d hear their joyful celebration coming down Galvez after laying the deceased to rest! I was fascinated with it all!

I was a holy little Catholic girl, and standing on that porch I would talk to God and express awe at my amazing blessing that I had been born in this most special of places. I loved everything about it – the ship horns on the river, streetcars a block away, beautiful City Park, swimming at the Old Beach on the lake,….

But when I was twelve years old, my parents wanted “land!” So we moved across Lake Pontchartrain. As they say, the rest is history – and now, in my retirement years, I’m finally back in the city!

I see New Orleans for all she is; the good, the bad, and the in between. Becoming a tour guide is the best decision I could have made for this stage of my life. And I love this city more than ever!

The Savvy Native is a group of experienced local tour guides who were either born in New Orleans or wish they had been.



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