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Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean to the Holocaust Memorial on this Jewish NOLA walking tour!
Suzanne was a wonderful guide for my Tulane undergraduate Jewish New Orleans field trip! She knows her New Orleans history and blends that knowledge with curious anecdotes that make the tour both informative and lively. This is a wonderful tour for anyone interested in the Jewish or Latin aspects of New Orleans, as it takes into account the city’s relationships to the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe, dispelling the idea that it’s history is only “French.”


Spain and Portugal expelled Jews in the late 1400s and they settled all over the known world. They established extensive trade routes that included the Caribbean islands and South America. 200 years later the French established New Orleans as the capital of Louisiana. One major reason for the location of the capital was its access to the ocean for trade purposes. Jews were not welcomed into the city as you may assume. The Inquisition was still in effect and the colonial rulers barred Jews from the territory.

Jewish New Orleans, New Orleans Tours
Madame Johns Legacy

But New Orleans was the first city in America with significant populations from Italy, Greece, Croatia, and the Philippines. So too it has welcomed Jews from every European and South American country. This tour through the French Quarter emphasizes how Jews have contributed to the multi-ethnic gumbo known as New Orleans. As you walk through the original city, you will learn about the earliest Jewish settlers, who could easily have lost their identity in a Catholic colony.


Alice Heine, Princess of Monaco

During the tour you can see where those who arrived during the 19th and 20thcenturies lived and worked. You will discover how they contributed to the development and growth of the city throughout the past 300 years. They joined all immigrants adding to the unique mingling of the old world and new that is New Orleans. Jews are among the strongest preservationists of the French Quarter and one of its most significant achievements, Jazz. They also are having an impact on that other great New Orleans cultural contribution to the world, food.

The tour is two hours long and covers about a mile and a half in distance.




Suzanne Stone

Hey there! I am Suzanne Stone, a New Orleanian by choice. I moved here from the Washington DC area, where I was a docent with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. That’s where I learned the skill of telling engaging stories. Learning about the unique history of New Orleans with the Friends of the cabildo and serving as a docent at New Orleans’s WWII museum, Historic New Orleans Collection, and the Sazerac House provides me tons of great stories. I absolutely love enchanting visitors with the many ways New Orleans is different from everywhere else. Those differences are in architecture, music, cuisine, and culture. I especially delight in little known New Orleans histories of the women who helped build and later save the French Quarter and of Jews, who have been here since the 1700s and have contributed to the multi-ethnic gumbo of our city.  I translated my passion for volunteering into a book Volunteering Around the Globe, and also wrote Coffee in New Orleans: A Rich History. Also, I am the proud recipient of the 2017 Friends of the Cabildo’s Golden Shoe award.

Jewish New Orleans History, New Orleans Tours
New Orleans Holocaust Memorial

The Savvy Native is a group of experienced local tour guides who were either born in New Orleans or wish they had been. 

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