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Découverte du French Quarter avec David

“Nous avons eu une excellente visite du French Quarter avec David, un homme charmant, cultivé et d’agréable compagnie. Cette visite fut une excellente base pour poursuivre notre voyage et découvrir le sud de la Louisiane. Merci David!”

A Private Small Group Tour By Advance Appointment: While New Orleans’ past has been vastly enriched by our French heritage, French language guides are rare, few and far between. Our French language tours are arranged in advance, based on guide availability. Please email us at with your travel plans.

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of the French Quarter (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455 

2 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  Treme (1-4 Guests) $255, (5-8 Guests) $355, (9-12 Guests) $455

1 Hour Private Small Group Tours of  St. Louis Cemetery #3 (1-4 Guests) $175, (5-8 Guests) $275, (9-12 Guests) $375

Forever French!  A French Quarter Tour In French!

New Orleans Tours by The Savvy Native.

Over 20 Different Ways to See New Orleans.  Historically Accurate, Entertaining, Memorable and Always a Good Time!  That’s New Orleans with The Savvy Native.  New Orleans’ Best Tour Experience!
“Viva Le Roi!” Robert de LaSalle at the mouth of the Mississippi River

Forever French! Vive Le Roi!

In 1862 Robert De LaSalle, with King Louis’ blessing, reached the mouth of the Mississippi River and took possession of the Mississippi Valley, and all the land it drains in the name of France and called it La Louisiane, Louis’ Country.

On high ground, La Salle and his men erected a column and nailed to it the French Coat of Arms, King Louis’ name and the date. At its foot they buried a leaden plate inscribed with the Fleur De Lys.

They sang a hymn, said a prayer, fired their weapons into the air and shouted “Vive Le Roi, Vive Le Roi!” – “Long Live The King”.


From our very beginning La Nouvelle-Orléans has been “Unlike Any Other City”. Its said that the more nicknames a place has the more interesting it tends to be and the more it deviates from the norm.

That pretty much describes New Orleans. Our long list of nicknames, more than any other U.S. city, suggests that something different happened here. “America’s Most Interesting City”, “America’s Most European City” and “Paris on the Mississippi”, to name just a few of our many nicknames.

We were a French speaking city in an English speaking nation. A Catholic city in a protestant nation. We legislated civil law in a nation of english common law. We watched the fighting of America’s Revolutionary War, the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution from across international borders.

Even during 40 years of Spanish rule, New Orleans remained unequivocally French. Schools taught lessons in French, newspapers published in French, and New Orleanians looked to France for culture and fashions. Proud of our French heritage, and long after France sold Louisiana to America, New Orleans continues to celebrate it’s French heritage.

Take A Walk Thru The Vieux Carre With The Savvy Native

We will meet you in front of The Presbytere, 751 Chartres Street, located in Jackson Square next to The St. Louis Cathedral (on the downriver side), for a 2 hour French language walking tour of the Vieux Carre, the “Old Square”, known as the French Quarter.

Take a walk with us through Jackson Square, originally the Place d’Armes, designed in the image of Paris’ oldest planned square, the Place de Vosges. Hear the story of the Baroness Pontalba and her magnificent Pontalba Buildings.

Walk down Chartres Street to the Ursuline Convent, the oldest remaining French Colonial structure in the United States and discover the Order’s impact on the colony’s early days all the way up to the present. On to Frenchmen Street, where we will relive the French Insurrection of 1768 when French creole merchants and planters rebelled against the imposition of Spanish rule and whose leaders were later executed on this spot by Spanish firing squad.

Just a preview of what you can expect on our French language walking tour of the Vieux Carre…

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Meet One Of Our Guides
Martine Alford
Je suis née à Lyon (France) et réside à la Nouvelle Orleans depuis de nombreuses années .
Passionnée d’histoire, après une carrière académique, j’ai décidé de faire découvrir cette ville dont je suis tombée amoureuse il y a très longtemps.
NOLA n’est pas une ville Américaine, c’est tellement plus…
C’est l’Europe, l’Afrique et les Caraïbes tout à la fois!
Je vous ferai découvrir le charme du « Tout Ensemble » du Quartier Français à travers l’architecture, et les personnages historiques tels que: Micaela Pontalba, Beauregard, les Ursulines, les musiciens avec la famille Barbarin et bien d’autres.
Je suis diplômée du Cabildo (musée de la ville) et certifiée guide par la ville.

The Savvy Native is a group of experienced local tour guides who were either born in New Orleans or wish they had been.

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