Cafe Amelie – Local “Guide” Food Review

Our latest Local “Guide” Food Review is Cafe Amelie. Located at 912 Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, has one of the best courtyards in the city. A fabulous place to enjoy fresh salads and gourmet lunches and dinners. Even though it was a late January afternoon, my good friend and I enjoyed courtyard dining at Cafe Amelie. We were concerned because the temperature was in the 50’s but were delighted that with the outdoor heaters and warm sunlight in the courtyard we were very comfortable. Although many people chose to sit inside, we were thrilled to be outside with many other brave souls in the delightful January weather.

Cafe Amelie Local "Guide" Food Review
Courtyard dining at Cafe Amelie, New Orleans

Fantastic Starters!

Even though the hostess at the front desk was not very pleasant, our waiter Daniel was very attentive and engaging. After ordering Champagne for our beverage, we got the special soup to start. It was a potato and chive soup that was served hot and delicious. It had a velvety texture with just the right amount of spice. We split a petit salad and the Amelie muffaletta. The salad was delicious. The pepper jelly vinaigrette had just the right amount of pepper and sweet.

Cafe Amelie Local "Guide" Food Review
Cafe Amelie Salad

The muffuletta was outstanding. It wasn’t exactly your typical muffuletta. The bread was definitely different which I was afraid I was not going to like. Cafe Amelie uses a warm ciabatta bread instead of the traditional round Italian style dense loaf that would be hard to find outside Louisiana. The outside was crispy, and the inside was warm and soft. The sandwich had sliced, warm Italian meats and cheeses with a cold olive salad. I have had a lot of muffulettas in my day, but this was surprisingly one of my favorites.

Uniquely New Orleans

We ended our lunch with an Aperol Spritz and took it “to go” in a cup. Only in New Orleans! We proceeded to Fifi Mahoney’s next door to try on purple wigs for Mardi Gras. A great atmosphere, a great lunch, and as always great fun in New Orleans. I couldn’t live anywhere else. Bon Appetit! 🍤🍤🍤🍤

Stay tuned for more of our Local “Guide” Food Reviews coming soon!

DISCLAIMER:  We are not epicureans, we are not paid for reviews, we are not affiliated with our review subjects and we are definitely not critics by trade.  We are local tour guides sharing our honest opinions.

The Savvy Native is a group of experienced local tour guides who were either born in New Orleans or wish they had been.

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