Gonzo’s – Local “Guide” Food Review

Gonzo's - Local "Guide" Food Review
Gonzo’s Smokehouse & BBQ Pop Up, New Orleans, Louisiana

Gonzo’s – Local “Guide” Food Review

Our local “guide” food review series continues with Gonzo’s. Keep your eyes open for this pop-up around town. Gonzo’s Smokehouse & BBQ is well worth it. Your tastebuds will love you. Gonzo’s has a simple menu of slow-cook rubbed meats. They offer brisket, sausage, and pork belly burnt ends. Sorry, no ribs here. 

Gonzo's - Local "Guide" Food Review
A sampling of fare offered by Gonzo’s, New Orleans

Well cooked, flavorful seasoned meats served with a simple, mildly sweet sauce. Traditional pickled onions and pickles on the side. Eaten plain or on a tortilla, Gonzo’s delivers the flavor. You can find three generations behind their booth at any event. They serve at many festivals and events in the New Orleans area.  They will be at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Fest in October. Also, meat isn’t the only thing on their menu.  For example, they smoke mac-n-cheese, pies, and ice cream too! ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

DISCLAIMER:  We are not epicureans, we are not paid for reviews, we are not affiliated with our review subjects and we are definitely not critics by trade.  We are local tour guides sharing our honest opinions.

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