Brigtsen’s Restaurant – Local “Guide” Food Review

Brigtsen’s Restaurant – Local “Guide” Food Review

Another in our Local “Guide” Food Review series, Brigtsen’s Restaurant at 723 Dante Street at the Riverbend is by far one of the best places to eat in New Orleans. Frank Brigtsen has a special menu with each day’s dinner. Brigtsen’s restaurant is a Victorian style cottage.  Chef Paul Prudhomme influenced Chef Frank Brigtsen’s style of innovative Creole cooking. Prudhomme is the Cajun chef who changed the New Orleans style of cooking.

When dining at Brigtsen’s, you shouldn’t miss the Butternut Shrimp Bisque. We always share the large soft shell crab as an appetizer.

Brigtsen's Restaurant - Local "Guide" Food Review
Brigtsen’s Famous Seafood Platter – New Orleans, Louisiana

Mouthwatering Cajun/Creole Fare

We love the Shellfish Diet (the Brigtsen’s Seafood Platter) so that is what we ordered and split. You have never eaten a seafood platter like this one. Grilled drum with crabmeat, shrimp cornbread with jalapeño smoked corn butter, baked scallop LeRuth with shrimp and crabmeat, baked scallop with leeks, crabmeat Concassé, and stuffed shrimp with seafood eggplant dressing. My mouth is watering as I describe it. This dish is named after Chef LeRuth, a famous New Orleans chef who is well respected by his peers.

Brigtsen's Restaurant - Local "Guide" Food Review
Grilled Filet of Beef at Brigtsen’s Restaurant New Orleans

The other members of our party got the broiled gulf fish with crabmeat crust.  Also, the grilled filet of beef with twice baked stuff potato with goat cheese. Everyone was pleased with their choice. For dessert, we got the lemon creme brûlée.

Chef Brigtsen – A Personal Connection

Famous New Orleans’ chefs get together to do a fundraiser for the special children at St. Michael’s each year. I first met Chef Frank Brigtsen when he donated his time for St. Michael’s Chef Charity. It is the largest one day cooking school in the country.

One trip to Brigtsen’s and you will see why this restaurant is rated one of the top restaurants in the city. Also, they are open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30pm – 10:00pm. Reservations are necessary and they cannot accommodate parties larger than eight. ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
DISCLAIMER:  We are not epicureans, we are not paid for reviews, we are not affiliated with our review subjects and we are definitely not critics by trade.  We are local tour guides sharing our honest opinions.
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