GW Fins – Local “Guide” Food Review

GW Fins is the next stop on our local “guide” food review series. It is located in the French Quarter at 808 Bienville Street. They have the freshest fish in the city! Their creative seafood menu stands out in a city known for its culinary excellence. Don’t think that you are going to sit idle and smell that delicious aroma coming from the kitchen because you will be served delicious hot biscuits while you wait for your order to be brought to the table.

Lobster Dumplings - GW Fins - Local "Guide" Food Review
Lobster Dumplings

From Appetizers to the Main Event

They have hot and chilled appetizers. We chose the lobster dumplings and the crispy soft shell crab which not only pleased the palate but was served so fancy. We decided to get the scalibut which is one of their signature dishes. It is halibut, sea scallops, royal red risotto, snow peas, and pea shooter butter. This was a delicious creation by Chef Flynn, who is known as the fishmonger czar of the South.

GW Fins' Scalibut - Local "Guide" Food Review

Our other entree was the American red snapper which was sautéed and topped with crawfish étouffée and crispy okra. You have to have a local dish prepared in a mouth watering combination of seafood excellence. There is a constantly changing menu because of the variety of fresh fish they receive each day.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

GW Fins' Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie - A Local "Guide" Food Review
Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie

Don’t fill up on those hot biscuits because you have to leave room for dessert. We got the salty malty ice cream pie! The restaurant is only open for dinner and I suggest the early seating. And make reservations because their food is not a secret-just ask Lady GaGa! ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

GW Fins opens nightly at 5:00 PM. Sundays through Thursdays reservations can be made until 10:00 PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays, through 10:30 PM. Slacks, dress jeans, dress shorts with a dress shirt or a Polo style shirt are all okay. They require that gentlemen wear a collared shirt. T-shirts, cut off shorts, and athletic wear are not permitted.

DISCLAIMER:  We are not epicureans, we are not paid for reviews, we are not affiliated with our review subjects and we are definitely not critics by trade.  We are local tour guides sharing our honest opinions.

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