6 Ways Traveling to New Orleans Will Improve Your Life

New Orleans Travel Will Improve Your Life

Has it been ages since you’ve left your corner of the world? Are you irritable at work and at home? Do you find yourself watching the Travel Channel 24/7? Then you might be suffering from staycation syndrome. Yes, it used to be cute when someone asked you what you were doing for your vacation and you proudly answered, “Nothing! I’m going to save money and do absolutely nothing! I’m going on a staycation!” But let’s face it, your lack of traveling is sad. Your co-workers are probably feeling sorry for you at this point. So, to help push you onto that plane/car/bus/train we present 6 ways traveling to New Orleans will improve your life.

6 Ways Traveling to New Orleans Will Improve Your Life

6 Ways – The List

  1. Relieve Stress – According to Psychology Today, vacations lower stress and this benefit can last for months. Also, stress relief doesn’t start when the vacation does, it starts during the planning stage. Just knowing a trip is coming up gives you something to look forward to.
  2. Enhance Connection with Fellow Travelers – Whats better for connecting family and friends than shared experiences? Nothing. That is what researchers at BYU found. Those who shared positive experiences viewed their lives as happier and more meaningful. Even sharing vacation struggles like plane delays or itinerary changes can form strong bonds between travelers.
  3. Bust Open That Comfort Zone – If you haven’t traveled in a while, things have probably changed quite a bit out there in the wide, wide world. If you are super planners like we are, traveling can be frustrating if things don’t go as planned. Sometimes taking alternate routes leads to even better discoveries. It’s important to be flexible.
  4. Broaden Your Horizons – A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found creative benefits to immersing yourself in different cultures. Good things happen when you travel to new places. Your creativity starts to flow. With French, Spanish and Creole influences, New Orleans has plenty of cultural variation for all travelers.
  5. Sharpen Your Mind – A travelers mind is a sharp mind. Exposure to new experiences promotes brain health and may delay degenerative diseases like dementia. How’s that for a reason to travel?
  6. Keep Yourself Physically Active / Offset all that extra food you’re eating on vacation) – Everyone knows the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. New Orleans is a city built for walking. We even suggest leaving your car at the hotel. With over 20 historically accurate, entertaining and memorable walking tours, The Savvy Native would love to show you how fun physical activity can be!

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