9 Things Tourists Need to Know About New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans!


So you’re planning a trip to New Orleans. Rest assured you have made an excellent choice. According to the major travel sites New Orleans is consistently one of the top destinations in the country. Not just for our world famous festivals and mouth watering cuisine, but also for our rich cultural history and heritage. We want your trip to be the very best it can be so you will come back again and again and tell all your friends that they should travel to New Orleans too! With that in mind here are 9 things tourists need to know about New Orleans.

9 Things Tourists Need to Know About New Orleans

1. Beware the “Krewe of Tow”. You don’t need a car to get around. Park it at your hotel and don’t think about it again until you’re ready to head home. One of our guests had to report his rental car stolen because he was unable to locate it after a late night in the French Quarter. He later would report his second rental car stolen because he was unable to locate that one either!

2. It’s a Streetcar NOT a trolley. You should take a ride on one or at least take a picture of it.

Streetcar - 9 Things Tourists Need to Know About New Orleans
St. Charles Avenue Streetcar

3. New Orleans is pronounced New-Or-Linz, not N’awlins or New-Or-leens.

4. Dressed? That stands for Lettuce, Tomato, and Mynez. Just don’t take too long to order, there’s probably a line behind you!

Dressed PoBoy - 9 Things Tourists Need to Know About New Orleans
Shrimp Po-Boy, Dressed

5. Pay particular attention to where you step! Our City is subsiding and our streets and sidewalks are very uneven.

Plan Ahead to Make The Most Of Your Trip

6. Plan ahead! Some of our best culinary attractions require reservations. Being a late night city, many of our music venues don’t get going until 10pm. So plan a nap during the day. That’s what the natives do! Tours fill-up quickly so don’t wait until you get here to make reservations.

7. You can say Prah-leen, you can say Praw-leen, you can even say Pecan Candy, but you can never say “Pray-leen”. Make sure and try some of these delicious sweet treats!

Pralines - 9 Things Tourists Need to Know About New Orleans

8. If someone asks you “Where Y’at”, more often than not you are being asked how you feel, not about your physical location. If you do need to ask for directions, they are normally given in relation to New Orleans’ bodies of water or neighborhoods.

9. Get out of the Quarter! There is plenty to see outside of the bustling French Quarter. Our Garden District, Treme and St. Louis #1 tours are all on the fringes or outside of the French Quarter. So let The Savvy Native take you on a historically accurate, entertaining and memorable tour. They’re always a good time!


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