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Vacation In New Orleans

Have you been to New Orleans? On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live vacationers discussed their trip to “Nawlins”. They waxed poetic about the sashaying mosquitos, teeny tiny crawdaddies, and authentic voodoo rituals. We can vouch for two out of three of those because we have seen them. Okay, maybe all three if you are here at the right time of year. Needless to say, if you have not been on a New Orleans vacation recently or (gasp) ever, then you need to make plans to get here immediately!

Cartoon Crawdad - Come on a New Orleans Vacation!

The Mardi Gras Indians

The Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday is fast approaching. This year nearly forty tribes will put on hand made suits covered with beads and feathers and participate in parades through the streets of New Orleans. You will see them performing authentic Native American chants, rituals, and colorful dances. The parades always take place during the day so the beauty of the Big Chiefs’ and tribe members’ suits can be fully appreciated. If you are lucky enough to be in New Orleans on Super Sunday, the Mardi Gras Indians should not be missed.


A Walking Tour For Everyone

Something else that should not be missed on a New Orleans vacation are The Savvy Native walking tours of the city. We have many to choose from and we are here to help you pick the best one for your trip. Long or short, full of history, food, architecture, or simply for the fun of it, we have something for everyone. Whether you want to get your walk on or need a less exuberant pace we can accommodate. So pronounce it “New Orleens” or “Nawlins”, it makes no difference, just come to the Big Easy and take a walk with The Savvy Native. We’ll show you a good time!

The Savvy Native Walking Tours | New Orleans Best Tour Experience | Choose From Over 20 Historically Accurate, Entertaining  Memorable Walking Tours


The Savvy Native is a group of experienced local tour guides who were either born in New Orleans or wish they had been.

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